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By combining the North’s two main colors; white and blue, meticulous crafting, and a great deal of appreciation for Morocco – you get Pearl. Soft on the touch, pleasing to the eye, and a great friend to your living room. If you enjoy Morocco’s coastal side, you’ll definitely enjoy Pearl!

The carpets of Beni Ouarain are like the M'RIRT carpets, also made in the Middle Atlas; Their wool is dense, very soft and silky, densely knotted. The Beni Ouarain rugs are a contemporary version of the Moroccan carpets, with a smoother and gentler side. This is a Magnificent Moroccan Berber carpet of Beni Ouarain,its dense woolen craftsmanship, its natural ecru color and the fineness of the black zigzag geometric patterns make it a sober and elegant high-end carpet. An authentic Beni Ouarain that will easily blend with any type of decoration.


A beautiful and enchanting Moroccan carpet from Mrirt region,knotted in white wool and lined knots,made in the middle Atlas.This masterpiece is designed with a lot of skill by Berber women who pack the wool on the vertical loom with a metal comb,which gives a fine and silky texture to the wool and that’s why you may find that this rug is also called noble rugs which is really amazing.
The artistic composition of this wonderful carpet utilizes simple patterns that all have deep meanings.

Zanafi Rug

This artistic handmade rug comes from Ouarzazate region and it is masterfully handwoven by Berber ladies from the Zanafi tribe in Morocco. This special Berber rug is typically decorated with zigzag,diamond or triangle patterns and that’s what makes it a very stunning piece of art that easily blends with any form of interior

Boucharouite Rug

This wonderful carpet which has been a sensation in the world of design for the last few years is an amazing traditional Moroccan handmade which is designed skillfully by Berber women in the villages of Atlas mountains. Each beautiful Boucharouite rug is individual and unique to the woman who creates it and also known by its deep meaning and mystic symbolism. This Berber rug is too much colorful and artistic,its patterns are wild and the vibrant colours can change from one side of the rug to the other,depending on the creative whim of the weaver.It is such an honor for us to have this kind of incredible works of art.

Azilal carpet

A beautiful moroccan handmade berber carpet which is made in Azilal region, this gorgeous rug is too much soft and comfortable.It is a collection of different patterns and various colors of is created by the region’s talented ladies.
you can use this marvellous rug to decorate any place or any space of your home because of its unique and perfect design which is introduced by a tinted wool or colored cotton can find out more about Azilal carpets and other types of our Moroccan decor .
Beni ourain carpets

Amazing ,charming and historical majestic rug that is preferable by many people when it comes to home decoration because it is warm,lightful and characterized by its natural creamy sandy color, this rug is very classy and has multiple typic symbols which will simply leave you amazed and catch your eyes.
this beautiful rug was originally designed by the tribes near the Atlas mountains to be used as bedspreads or blankets.So,it is too much better in winters ,when the weather gets too cold ,you can just walk in a warm floor without the need of wearing sleepers.The design of this berber rug is usually simple and abstract and its patterns and symbols hold a significant sense in ancient Moroccan times.

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Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

20x20 = 51x51 cm

20×20 = 51×51 cm, 20×40 = 51×102 cm, 30×40 = 76×102 cm, 2×4 Ft = 61×122 cm, 2×5 Ft = 61×153 cm, 2×6 Ft = 61×183 cm, 2×7 Ft = 61×214 cm, 2×8 Ft = 61×244 cm, 2×9 Ft = 61×275 cm, 2×10 Ft = 61×305 cm, 2×11 Ft = 61×335 cm, 2×12 Ft = 61×366 cm, 3×4 Ft = 92×122 cm, 3×5 Ft = 92×153 cm, 3×6 Ft = 92×183 cm, 3×7 Ft = 92×214 cm, 3×8 Ft = 92×244 cm, 3×9 Ft = 92×275 cm, 3×10 Ft = 92×305 cm, 3×11 Ft = 92×335 cm, 3×12 Ft = 92×365 cm, 4×4 Ft = 122×122 cm, 4×5 Ft = 122×153 cm, 4×6 Ft = 122×183 cm, 4×7 Ft = 122×214 cm, 4×8 Ft = 122×244 cm, 4×9 Ft = 122×275 cm, 4×10 Ft = 122×305 cm, 5×5 Ft = 153×153 cm, 5×6 Ft = 153×183 cm, 5×7 Ft = 153×214, 5×8 Ft = 153×244, 5x9Ft = 153×275 cm, 5×10 Ft = 153×305, 6×6 Ft = 183×183 cm, 6×7 Ft = 183×214 cm, 6×8 Ft = 183×244 cm, 6×9 Ft = 183×275 cm, 6×10 Ft = 183×305 cm, 7×7 Ft = 214×214 cm, 7×8 Ft = 214×244 cm, 7×9 Ft = 214×275 cm, 7×10 Ft = 214×305 cm, 7×11 Ft = 214×335 cm, 8×8 Ft = 244×244 cm, 8×9 Ft = 244×275 cm, 8×10 Ft = 244×305 cm, 8×11 Ft = 244×335 cm, 9×9 Ft = 275×275 cm, 9×10 Ft = 275×305 cm, 9×11 Ft = 275×335 cm, 9×12 Ft = 275×366 cm, 9×14 Ft = 275×427 cm


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