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where to buy Moroccan rugs in morocco?

where to buy Moroccan rugs in morocco?

Moroccan rugs are sold in the south of the country in the atlas mountains,, but it is important that you buy from a reputable dealer / authorized dealer so that there will be no doubt about the material, age, and origin of the rug.

The Marrakech, clean, modern, well-lit Marrakech Handicraft Center filled the wooden beams on several floors with knotted Moroccan rugs and woven kilims. It is a freestanding store located on the main walkway that leads to the Grand Bazaar.

After you’ve sipped your chai, the salesman will ask what type of Moroccan rug you’re interested in – size, color, and style – and enlist the help of burly assistants, who bring out a series of rugs to unfurl with slapped on your feet.

What you will love, others will disdain, but Moroccan rugs will keep coming. Soon, you will feel the ebb of your resistance….

In the case of Moroccan carpets, there is no temptation for you, exquisite designs and precious in Berber Rugs store LTD.

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