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are moroccan rugs soft

How to make a Moroccan rug?

Our Berber rugs are knotted knots made by skilled artisans. They are paid fair wages and enjoy good working conditions.

Amazigh Berber women put a high level of effort and time into making it.

Customers often ask us to explain why these rugs are so expensive. So, let’s take a closer look at it!

How are handmade rugs made?
Our hand-knotted rugs are made using traditional techniques used since ancient times. These rugs are made by artisans using pieces of wool placed on a loom.

Working on it is slow and meticulous, and the process requires exceptional skill. The end result is a beautiful rug. This is truly one of the best types of rugs that money can buy.

We believe that the materials used to make rugs are the foundation of every rug. That’s why we only use sustainable, high-quality materials. Our use of distinguished sheep’s wool. This helps us produce hand-knotted rugs of exceptional quality.

The next step in rug making is to sinter the raw wool and clean it, after which the wool is rolled into beautiful yarns.

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