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vintage moroccan berber rugs hanwoven wool

what is beni ourain?

The Beni ourain carpet is an example of the traditional industry that still maintains its glow over time.

The Beni ourain tribe is a large Berber tribe that settled long ago in the northeast of the Middle Atlas Mountains.

vintage moroccan berber rugs hanwoven wool 819x1024 what is beni ourain?

And the tribe of Beni ourain was forced to practice subsistence agriculture, especially sheep and goat farming, especially in the bitter cold of winter and snow that adorned the tops of the Atlas Mountains for a long time.. It prompted the inhabitants of this tribe to take advantage of the availability of wool and lint to manufacture textiles with which they face the harshness of nature. and It is worn by the Berber bride.
The Bani Warayn carpet is a cultural symbol of an ancient tribe
The Beni ourain carpet is made of white and black undyed wool yarns extracted from the distinguished sheep’s wool available in the region, and the latter are of different colors.
These beautiful rugs have a remarkable ability to relate the long history of the nomadic Berber tribes to modern interiors.
If the process of making the Beni ourain carpet is very different from the way it was made
The other manual rugs, what distinguishes this carpet is the method of tightening the knot and the accuracy in it
Designing the geometric shapes on which you draw and the colors used as well, especially those
Distinguished black and white dots. The engineering design of the Beni ourain carpet has changed across
Time was affected by several factors, the most important of which are colonial influence, modernization, and cultural exchange, where a group of new geometric patterns and symbols were introduced, yet the Beni ourain carpet remains a milestone in the Amazigh identity of this ancient tribe.

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