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moroccan rugs with tassels

why are Moroccan rugs so expensive?

Although traditional Moroccan carpets are expensive, they add elegance and splendor to the house; It is a painting woven by the hands of creative makers.

A number of traditional stages and tools are used in this field, such as the (Qurshal) machine that makes the wool very soft, the (spindle) machine that turns wool into threads by hand or foot, and wool dyeing, which is done by heating water and leaving it to boil, then adding A little salt and color and put the wool inside the pot, for 10 minutes, then wash it with cold water and put it in a place to dry. One of the walls of the room, after which the craftsmanship and creativity of women’s hands begin.”

It is noteworthy that making Moroccan rugs has special rituals, starting with preparing wool as a primary and main material in the product, passing through weaving, wicking, and coloring. To be dried after dyeing, carefully spun and twisted, before being placed on the loom, marking the start of the process of making the carpet, which is a wooden frame where the carpet is woven. Cooperatives., which are preparations that are often made in an atmosphere of joy and singing. The teacher takes the initiative to spray the carpet with water as a sign of safety.

Either in the homes of carpet makers who hire specialized girls or in shops that are rented for this purpose.

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